The Childbloom Guitar Program

Contact: Polly Maynard


  • There is a $30.00 enrollment fee. (per family, not per child)
  • Group classes are $59.00 per month. $49 each for siblings.
  • Please inquire about private lesson cost.


  • September through August
  • 42 half-hour lessons


Childbloom is a music education program designed for children 5 and up. We offer both group and private lessons. We never have more than 4 students in a class, and we group them by age and playing ability.

Initially, the students begin with rote learning (memorizing very short, simple songs.) The idea is to give them a learning victory right away, and also enables them to watch their hands so that they can develop correct technique. They learn a little song at their first lesson! After they've completed six songs this way, we introduce them to note reading. Later, Music Theory and chords are also introduced to them, as they become ready for these challenges.

We really encourage parental involvement in the lesson, and at home. There is so much you can do to help, and many parents learn to play guitar along with their child.

We have two recitals per year, but it is not mandatory that the students participate. Our shy students often opt out, whereas our "hams" won't get off the stage!

We teach 42 lessons between September and August, so most months will have 4 lessons, but some will only have 3 and some will even have 5. (We take off when kids would normally miss anyway, like Christmas and Spring break, etc.) The tuition remains the same each month.

The lessons are once a week for 1/2 hour. Instruction is offered at The Koan School.