You can make payments via cash, check, or credit card. Please do not send payments with your students. Please bring cash payments to the office so that we may give you a receipt.


Mail check payments to:

Koan School
PO Box 2961
Denton, Texas 76202-2961

Debit or Credit Cards

We accept credit/debit card payments for your convenience, but payment processors charge us a fee to provide this service to you. Please consider adding 5% to your credit/debit card payments so that all of the tuition we charge goes toward the actual cost of providing a unique educational experience for our students. Thank you!

1. Go to PayPal.

2. In the "Enter Description" box on the left, enter your student's name.

3. Put the total amount you are paying in the box below it labeled "Item Price".

4. Click the Update link underneath that to update your total.

5. Enter your PayPal login or click "Don't have a PayPal Account?" on the lower right and enter your credit card information. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.

6. You will receive a confirmation from PayPal at the email address you entered when your payment is processed.