Prickly Pears & Redbuds

This year, the Prickly Pears class will be led by Shoshana McIntosh and assisted by Brenda Guerrero. Shoshana has taught English and math in Chicago, Texas, and Taiwan, as well as art, movement, dance, and yoga. In addition to English, she speaks Mandarin and Spanish. Brenda is finishing up her Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis, and has worked as an academic support staff person and Spanish teacher at Koan since 2016. Read more about them both here.

The Redbuds class will be led by Kim Vail and assisted by Mary Stewart. Kim has a Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis and has worked with a wide variety of students from preschool to college. Mary has a Master’s in Education and has been a teacher for more than thirty years. She has taught both special and regular education classes, and came to us in 2017 from Denton Community School. Read more about them both here.